01. AFROJACK & SHERMANOLOGY “Can’t Stop Me” (USA Club Mix) 4.37

[audio:|titles=01 Afrojack & Shermanology_Can’t Stop Me (USA Club Mix)]



02. THOMAS GOLD “Sing2Me” (Original) 2.07

[audio:|titles=02 Thomas Gold_Sing2Me (Original)]



03. NARI & MILANI “Atom” (Original) 3.07

[audio:|titles=03 Nari & Milani_Atom (Original)]



04. FEDDE LE GRAND, DENIZ KOYU & JOHAN WEDEL “Turn It” (Original) 4.29

[audio:|titles=04 F Le Grand & D Koyu & Johan Wedel_Turn It (Original)]



05. ARTY, MATISSE & SADKO “Trio” (Original) 4.07

[audio:|titles=05 Arty Matisse & Sadko_Trio (Original)]



06. DADDY’S GROOVE Feat. SKIN “Crazy (Wild World)” (Extended Club Mix) 3.30

[audio:|titles=06 Daddy’s Groove ft Skin_Crazy (Extended Club Mix)]



07. DJ ANTOINE Feat. THE BEAT SHAKERS “Ma Chérie” (Dj Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k12 Remix) 3.15

[audio:|titles=07 Dj Antoine_Ma Cherie (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k12 Remix)]



08. SEAN FINN “Show Me Love 2K12” (Bodybangers Remix) 3.24

[audio:|titles=08 Sean Finn_Show Me Love 2k12 (Bodybangersremix)]



09. MIKE CANDYS Feat. EVELYN & PATRICK MILLER “2012 (If The World Would End)” (Original Mix) 2.52

[audio:|titles=09 Mik Candys_2012 If The World Would End (Original Mix)]



10. OUTWORK & ERIC SOLOMON “How Does It Feel” (Vocal Extended Mix) 4.03

[audio:|titles=10 Outwork_How Does It Feel (Vocal Extended Mix)]



11. NARI & MILANI and CRISTIAN MARCHI Feat. SHENA “Love Will Conquer All” (Cristian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Extended Mix) 3.41

[audio:|titles=11 N&M and C Marchi_Love Will Conquer All (Marchi & Sandrini Extended)]



12. STARCLUBBERS “El Sonido Latino” (Original Mix) 3.18

[audio:|titles=12 StarClubbers_El Sonido Latino (Original Mix)]



13. BASH! DASH! Feat. LYCK  “Peaceful Mind” (Original Vocal Mix) 5.00

[audio:|titles=13 Bash Dash_Peaceful Mind (Original Vocal Mix)]



14. PHUNKJUMP & CAMILLE JONES  “All I Want” (Original Vocal Mix) 3.28

[audio:|titles=14 Phunkjump&CJ_All I Want (Original Mix)]



15. MONKEY BROS & STARCLUBBERS “My Body” (Alex Nocera & Maurizio Montanari Remix) 3.37

[audio:|titles=15 Monkey Bros & StarClubbers_My Body (Nocera & Montanari Rmx)]



16. STARCLUBBERS Feat. JANET GRAY & MC CALLA “The Summer Is Magic” (Da Brozz Remix) 3.18

[audio:|titles=16 StarClubbers_The Summer Is Magic (Da Brozz Rmx)]



17. DJ’S TRIBUTE FAMILY Feat. JENNY B “What’s Up?” (Lori B. Remix) 4.44

[audio:|titles=17 Dj’s Tribute Family Ft Jenny B_What’s Up (Lori B Rmx)]



18. KAR-MINE & MAURICE “Bomba!” (Original Mix) 2.57

[audio:|titles=18 Kar-Mine & Maurice_Bomba! (Original Mix)]



19. RUDEEJAY & FREAKS JAM Feat. MARIE CLAIRE D’UBALDO “Suenos (Dreams Can Come True)” (Paolo Ortelli vs Degree Remix) 3.14

[audio:|titles=19 Rudeejay_Suenos (Ortelli vs Degree Rmx)]



20. HARDWELL “Spaceman” (Original) 2.45

[audio:|titles=20 Hardwell_Spaceman]



21. DJ KUBA & NE!TAN Ft. ANNA MONTGOMERY “Take It To The Top” (Cherry Coke “Levels” Remix) 3.13

[audio:|titles=21 DJ Kuba_Take It To The Top (Cherry Coke ‘Levels’ Rmx)]