FRIENDS ON STAGE Collection Vol.1

Netswork  International Records  NWI 869


01. LIVIU HODOR Feat. MONA “Sweet Love” (Dj Dark & Shidance Remix) 5.48



02. 2JUST4FUN Feat. LIZ HILL “Give It Up” (Juice Up Remix) 7.27



03. DEBORAH COX “If It Wasn’t For Love” (Bash! Dash! Remix) 7.29



04. DIRTY SOUTH & THOSE USUAL SUSPECTS Feat. ERIK HECHT “Walking Alone” (Original) 5.48



05. KRISTINA CASOLANI & PIZZA BROTHERS “Get Out” (Pizza Brothers Club Mix) 6.51



06. STARCLUBBERS “El Sonido Latino” (Phunkjump Remix) 5.55



07. EDWARD MAYA Feat. VIKA JIGULINA “Desert Rain” (Juice Up aka Phoenix Lo & Andrea Zanardi Remix) 6.21



08. PHUNKJUMP “Onda Buena” (Felipe C Remix) 6.07



09. MANUIK “You’ll Be Mine” (Pizza Brothers Remix) 5.59



10. FUTURE PHUNK “Right Now” (Juice Up aka Phoenix Lo & Andrea Zanardi Remix) 7.00



11. INDIA & PEPPE CITARELLA “Tacalacateo” (Mouse ‘N’ Cat Remix) 5.49



12. I-SCREAM Feat. DHANY “Take My Body” (Original Mix) 5.13



13. JOE BERTE’ Feat. RULY MC “Cosita” (Extended Mix) 5.35



14. BOYS AT WORK “Close My Eyes” (AM2 Remix) 6.30



15. OUTSIDESTARS Feat. FLORELLE “Love Party” (Joe Bertè Extended Mix) 4.53



16. MONKEY BROS & STARCLUBBERS “My Body” (Venuti & Goaty Remix) 6.12



17. BASH! DASH “Serendipity” (Club Mix) 6.48



18. 2GENERATION “Holy Shit” (Original) 6.48



19. THE MIDDLE “Call Me On WazzApp” (Sala & Antolini I-Progress Remix) 6.33



20. KEY UP COMPANY “Let’s Go” (Original Mix) 7.08



21. ANDY MONTOYA “Touch My Body” (Original Mix) 6.19



22. SOUTH GROUND “Let’s Rock” (Original Mix) 6.38



23. SALA & ANTOLINI I-PROGRESS “Save The Words” (F**K Mix) 6.56



24. KAR-MINE & MAURICE “Bomba!” (Original Mix) 6.47



25. FELIPE C “Party Moved” (Original Mix) 5.53



26. LUCKY CHARMES Ft. PERRY MYSTIQUE & NATALIE MAY “Get Outta That Corner” (Extended Vocal Mix) 5.17



27. JOY SALINAS “Keeping The Planets” (Uranus Club Mix) 7.25



28. DJ MARLON Feat. MISS JONES “Beautiful Star (This Is Love)” (Dj Marlon Extended Mix) 7.05



29. MICHAEL ANTLEY “I Believe In Love” (Original) 6.35



30. FENG SHUI Feat. NATASHA ANDERSON “Wherever U Are” (Extended Mix) 6.09