01. TEN CITY “That’s The Way Love Is” (DeepHouse Mix-Extended Version) 6.45
ISRC US EE1 02 50220

[audio:|titles=01 Ten City_Thats The Way Love Is (Deep House MixExt)]



02. NUYORICAN SOUL “Runaway” (Original Flava 12”) 11.35
ISRC US GR1 97 00018

[audio:|titles=02 Nuyorican Soul_Runaway (Original Flava 12)]



03. FRANKIE KNUCKLES Feat. JAMIE PRINCIPLE “Your Love” (Original) 6.43
ISRC GB BLG 01 00312

[audio:|titles=03 Frankie Knuckles_Your Love]



04. BORIS DLUGOSCH “Keep Pushin’ ” (Original Mix) 6.22
ISRC DE P08 01 00222

[audio:|titles=04 Boris Dlugosch_Keep Pushin (Original Mix)]



05. DUKE “So In Love With You” (Pizzaman House Vocal) 7.37

[audio:|titles=05 Duke_So In Love With You (Pizzaman House Vocal)]



06. RALPHI ROSARIO Feat. XAVIER GOLD “You Used To Hold Me” (Kenny’s Mix) 6.58
ISRC GB BLG 86 00089

[audio:|titles=06 Ralphi Rosario_You Used To Hold Me (Kenny’s Mix)]



07. BARBARA TUCKER “Beautiful People” (Underground Network Mix) 9.03
ISRC US SR3 94 01015

[audio:|titles=07 Barbara Tucker_Beautiful People (Underground Network Mix)]



08. DAVID MORALES & THE BAD YARD CLUB “In De Ghetto” (The Bad Yard Club Mix) 8.39

[audio:|titles=08 David Morales_In The Ghetto (TBYard Club Mix)]



09. THE DON “The Horn Song” (Original Mix) 8.42
ISRC US SR3 98 53901

[audio:|titles=09 The Don_The Horn Song (Original Mix)]



10. SOULSEARCHER “Can’t Get Enough” (Original Vocal Club Mix) 6.49
ISRC GB CPZ 99 00001

[audio:|titles=10 Soulsearcher_Can’t Get Enough (Vocal Club Mix)]





01. INNER CITY “Good Life” (Original 12” Mix) 7.11
ISRC GB AAA 88 00061

[audio:|titles=01 Inner City_Good Life (Original 12” Mix)]



02. BOBBY BROWN “Two Can Play That Game” (K Klassic Mix) 7.10
ISRC US MC1 93 42081

[audio:|titles=02 Bobby Brown_Two Can Play That Game (K Klassik Ext)]



03. DE’LACY “Hideaway” (Deep Dish Remix) 11.51
ISRC GB BGH 05 30706

[audio:|titles=03 De’Lacy_Hideaway (Deep Dish Rmx)]



04. ROBIN S “Show Me Love” (Stone’s Club Mix) 7.40
ISRC GB BXG 06 20007

[audio:|titles=04 Robin S_Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)]



05. RIVER OCEAN Feat. INDIA “Love & Happiness (Yemeya Y Ochun)” (Club Mix) 9.48
ISRC US SR3 07 63610

[audio:|titles=05 River Ocean_Love & Happiness (12 Club Mix)]



06. ARMAND VAN HELDEN Feat. DUANE HARDEN “You Don’t Know Me” (Original) 6.05
ISRC GB ANR 98 00212

[audio:|titles=06 Armand Van Helden_You Don’t Know Me (Original)]



07. CRYSTAL WATERS “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” (Basement Boy Strip To The Bone Mix) 7.26
ISRC US IR2 02 00561

[audio:|titles=07 Crystal Waters_Gypsy Woman (Red Bone Club Mix)]



08. ADEVA “Respect” (Extended Version) 7.29
ISRC GB AYK 89 00006

[audio:|titles=08 Adeva_Respect (Extended Version)]



09. DANA DAWSON “3 Is Family” (Dancing Diva Club Mix) 8.03
ISRC GB AYE 95 00122

[audio:|titles=09 Dana Dawson_3 is Family (Dancing Diva Club Mix)]



10. M PEOPLE “Moving On Up” (M People Master Mix) 5.28
ISRC GB ARL 94 00037

[audio:|titles=10 M People_Moving On Up (M People Master Mix)]



01. MOLOKO “Sing It Back” (Boris Dlugosch Mix) 9.21
ISRC GB BND 99 00463

[audio:|titles=01 Moloko_Sing It Back (Boris Main Mix)]



02. INCOGNITO Feat. JOCELYN BROWN “Always There” (David Morales Remix) 6.36
ISRC GB F08 96 00920

[audio:|titles=02 Incognito_Always There (David Morales Rmx)]



03. RUFFNECK Feat YAVAHN “Everybody Be Somebody” (Original) 9.14
ISRC US R1T 01 21501

[audio:|titles=03 Ruffneck_Everybody Be Somebody]



04. BLACK MAGIC “Freedom (Make It Funky)” (Color 1 On & On Strong Vocal Mix) 10.24
ISRC US SR3 95 40301

[audio:|titles=04 Black Magic_Freedom (Color 1 On & On Strong Vocal Mix)]



05. ROBERT OWENS “I’ll Be Your Friend” (Original Def Mix) 7.39
ISRC US RC1 91 01726

[audio:|titles=05 Robert Owens_Ill Be Your Friend (Dance VaultMixes)]



06. BILLIE RAY MARTIN “Your Loving Arms” (Original) 6.27
ISRC GB AHS 02 00208

[audio:|titles=06 Billie Ray Martin_Your Loving Arms]



07. JENNIFER PAIGE “Crush” (David Morales Club Mix) 7.14
ISRC DE H84 97 00969

[audio:|titles=07 Jennifer Paige_Crush (David Morales Club Mix)]



08. FARLEY “JACKMASTER” FUNK & JESSE SAUNDERS Ft. DARRYL PANDY “Love Can’t Turn Around” (Original) 7.42
ISRC GB BLG 01 00304

[audio:|titles=08 Farley Jackmaster Funk Ft D Pandy_Love Can’t Turn Around (12 Mix)]



09. HARDRIVE “Deep Inside” (Original Mix) 6.31
ISRC US SR3 93 00201

[audio:|titles=09 Hardrive_Deep Inside (Extended)]



10. CLIVILLES & COLE Ft. DEBORAH COOPER “A Deeper Love” (A Deeper Love Mix) 6.04
ISRC US SM1 92 00020

[audio:|titles=10 CCMusicFactory_A Deeper Love (Ultimate)]





01. CUNNIE WILLIAMS Ft. MONIE LOVE “Saturday” (Mousse T.‘s “Welcome To The Star Hotel” Mix) 7.49
ISRC BE P08 01 00279

[audio:|titles=01 Cunnie Williams_Saturday (Mouse T WTTS Hotel Mix)]



02. MASTERS AT WORK Feat. India “To Be In Love” (Original MAW Mix) 12.49

[audio:|titles=02 India_To Be In Love (Original)]



03. EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL “Missing” (Todd Terry Remix) 4.57
ISRC GB AHT 07 00624

[audio:|titles=03 ETBTG_Missing (Todd Terry Rmx)]



04. SANDY B “Make The World Go Round” (Deep Dish Round The World Remix) 9.21
ISRC GB BXG 07 20125

[audio:|titles=04 Sandy B_Make The World Go Round (D Dish Round The World Mix)]



05. CECE PENISTON “Finally” (12” Choice Mix Time) 7.03
ISRC US AM1 91 00283

[audio:|titles=05 Ce Ce Peniston_Finally (12 Choice Mix)]



06. TONI BRAXTON “Un-Break My Heart” (Frankie Knuckles Franktidrama Club Mix) 8.40
ISRC US LF2 96 00137

[audio:|titles=06 ToniBraxton_UnbreakMyHeart (12MastersTheEssentialMixes)]



07. MARSHALL JEFFERSON “Move Your Body” (The House Music Anthem) 6.42
ISRC GB BLG 01 00315

[audio:|titles=07 Marshall Jefferson_Move Your Body]



08. BLACK & WHITE BROTHERS “Put Your Hands Up” (Original Pump It Up Anthem) 5.49

[audio:|titles=08 Black & White Brothers_Put Your Hands Up (Original Pump It Up Anthem)]



09. THE BELIEVERS “Who Dares To Believe In Me?” (Original Extended Mix) 8.07
ISRC US SR3 93 19601

[audio:|titles=09 The Believers_Who Dares To Believe In Me (Original Mix)]



10. GUSTO “Disco’s Revenge” (Mole Hole Dirty Mix) 6.20
ISRC IT B55 04 04013

[audio:|titles=10 Gusto_Disco’s Revenge (Mole Hole Dirty Mix)]